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Transportation Choices for People with Mobility Impairments

02 May Posted in Cars

If you have problems with moving around and you use a mobility scooter as a mobility aid, it is likely that at some point you will need to transport the mobility scooter either because of a trip or if you will change your house. If you don’t want to experience difficulties in fitting the mobility scooter in your car, then you should orient towards cars that are adapted or modified in order to transport the mobility aids of people with mobility impairments.

Private transportation of the mobility scooter

Private transportation is the most common method of transporting a mobility scooter or a wheelchair. Most mobility scooter users transport their mobility aids in their personal cars, usually sedan or a hatchback passenger cars which may lack transportation space large enough to fit a mobility aid unless it is disassembled. But the best cars for transporting a mobility scooter are the vans which are very spacious, offer the possibility of folding the chairs for the scooter to fit inside. The advantage of personal transportation is that the disabled person will be assisted by another person who will easily and safely help them get in and out of the car. In order to get the mobility scooter or wheelchair inside the car, you will need a ramp installed on the verge of the car door, a ramp of an adequate length to safely load and unload the device. If you cannot lift the scooter into the vehicle, you can mount a motorized scooter lift inside the car trunk which will lift the scooter and tuck it in the car after the seat has been removed. On, you can find some useful reviews about the best mobility scooters on the market. Based on the type of car that you own, choose the scooter which best satisfies your needs.

Private transportation for disabled drivers

In other cases, the person with mobility impairments is also a driver, which requires a specially designed and modified car that will suit their needs. Some cars are equipped with complete packages consisting of swivel seats that come out of the car to allow the driver to step in, electronic controls, push and pull hand controls, modified gearbox, left foot acceleration pedal and
security restraints.

Public transportation for people using mobility aids

Another option for transporting a scooter or a power wheelchair is public transportation. Nowadays, most cities have special buses equipped with wheelchair and mobility scooter lifts, but the main shortcoming is that you will be on your on if you are not accompanied by someone throughout the trip. Remember you will have to get the mobility aid on and off the lift in a short period of time of approximately 3 minutes, as assistance is usually available only for securing the mobility aid inside the bus. Also, you should go to an accessible bus stop on level ground.