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The 2014 McLaren 12C GT Sprint

19 Nov Posted in Cars

When it comes to supercars, McLaren seems to have a very good recipe. The McLaren 12C GT was designed specifically for race competitions such as FIA Group GT3 where this car started making a name for itself when it won its first competition. The 2014 McLaren 12C GT Sprint is an improved version of the previous model. However, this is a more exclusive model since it will be limited to 20 unites. Although this is a track only model, car lovers can’t help but dream about it. So lets take a closer look and see what makes this car an obsession.

  • Power

The 2014 McLaren 12C GT Sprint is powered by a 3.8 litter twin-turbocharged V8 engine. The turbocharged engine generates 616 horse power and 443 lb-ft torque which makes it go from 0 to 60 miles in 3.2 seconds. Furthermore, it has a maximum speed of 204 mph. The engine features a cooling system which was designed in the 12C GT3 center. It uses a 7 speed twin-clutch gearbox. The airbrake systems have been adapted in order to perform better on the tracks. The adaptive chassis has also been improved in order to allow the driver to be more involved in the driving process.

  • Exterior

The exterior of the new McLaren maintains a lot of the main features of the previous models. It has a lower ride height (approximately 4 cm drop) but the hood and the front wind louvers are inspired from the GT3 model. The edges are slightly more aggressive, especially the aerodynamic bumpers. Available options include a carbon fiber rear wing as well as a carbon fiber splitter. The front of the car has a unique combination of front wings and radiator grille which goes great with the carbon fiber splitter. The windscreen is made of polycarbonate in order to be as light as possible. The car runs with 19 inch Pirelly wheels.

  • Interior

The interior of the 2014 McLaren 12C GT Sprint is designed in order to ensure maximum safety even while performing the wildest driving maneuvers. The cockpit is FIA approved and it even includes an integrated fire extinguisher. The seats are made of light composite materials and they feature a 6 point harness mechanism. As you can see, the interior is designed for racing purposes only, the only comfort bringing feature being the small air conditioner.

This track beast can be acquired for $316,150. However, it is not road legal so the only option for the average men is to fantasize about how it would be like to drive this supercar.