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Restoring a classic motorbike – questions to ask

29 Nov Posted in Cars

If you have a classic motorbike then the idea of restoring it sounds exciting. But, you should not jump into it, you should first make a plan. Creating a plan for restoring your bike is one of the crucial parts of the process. Your main question may be where to start? Well, this article will help you find the answer to this question. Making a plan for restoring your classic motorcycle is similar to planning for other things. Decide the time required for the process, the sum you will have to spend and the effort needed. The restoration process of a bike implies several steps: disassembling, renovation and reassembling.

Do not start the renovation process before asking yourself these questions

  1. Do you have the needed knowledge to restore the motorbike by yourself?
  2. Do you want to hire professional motorbike restorers to help you?
  3. Do you have a safe place where to store the old parts?
  4. Is the storage space large enough to place there both the old and the new parts?
  5. Do you know how to store the parts?
  6. Do you know how to keep track of the parts of the bike during the restoration process?
  7. Do you have a large space where to restore it?
  8. How long does it take to reassembly the motorbike?
  9. Is the space you use for restoring the bike clean and dust free?
  10. Should you start rebuilding the frame first? Or should you start with the engine?

It is highly recommended to discuss with expert restorers, because only they know exactly what steps every restoration process implies. In case you want to handle the restoration process by yourself, and this is the only bike you want to disassemble, you can do it at home, in your garage, or even in the living room. If you do not have enough room for storing the parts, you can use a public storage space to place there the parts, and take them gradually to where you work on the motorbike.

When it comes to the question, if you should start first with the frame or with the engine, you should know that it is more a question of preferences. Many people prefer to start with the rolling frame, because it is a process that requires great attention, and plenty of time. Other restorers prefer to start with the engine, because after they get the frame back from painting, they have to insert the engine before any other part. If the engine is ready, you do not risk to damage the frame, if you want to restore it later. In the majority of cases, the model of motorcycle is the one that decides what part of the bike is restored first. Some models require the frame to be removed in order to work on the engine, while others require the both parts to be restored as a unit.

Whether you restore a classic motorcycle identically with the authentic model, or a custom build one, you will need the right information about how to perform cosmetic and mechanical actions to get the machine back in a working state.