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Replacing your caravan with a reliable car during winter season

30 Jan Posted in Cars


When you have a caravan, the world is yours because you can go wherever, whenever you want. You practically live in a house on wheels. You have the opportunity to enjoy unlimited flexibility and freedom and this must be a great feeling. A caravan definitely represents an enjoyable asset, but it also comes with great costs that you cannot overlook. Servicing, insurance, tow bar and storage are only some of the aspects that you must cover when owning a caravan. Speaking of storage, if you wandered the world for months and you want to spend the festive season at home with the family, then you must place your caravan somewhere safe, but you also need reliable means of transport during the winter season. The best decision is simply to replace your beloved caravan with a decent vehicle temporarily. Fortunately, there are many storage units available for your boat and many ways of moving your caravan to the chosen unit. Furthermore, you also benefit from many ways to getting the needed car for the cold season and leasing is one of them.

Things to consider when storing your caravan

When it comes to storing a caravan, you must consider several important aspects. Preparing your caravan for storage is a time-consuming process because you must follow many steps. First, you need to remove any food, clothes or other items left in there since the last time you used it. If you place the caravan inside a storage unit and you do not clean it properly, you might have some unpleasant and smelly surprises when you come back to retrieve it. You could also come across pests and rodents and you definitely do not want that. Other aspects to keep in mind include electricity, gas, water and tires. The caravan will remain in one position for months, which might cause tires to crack. Obviously, in this type of situation, the logical thing to do is to replace them. However, you can prevent this from happening if you visit the storage facility from time to time and you move it. You might want to keep moisture away from your caravan and protect it from freezing temperatures. You can do this if you opt for a climate-controlled unit.

Aspects that require your attention when leasing a car

If you never leased a vehicle before, it means that you have to do your research before even choosing the type of car you want. You must think about the payment methods and the amount of money you will invest. This means that you must estimate the number of miles you plan to drive while having the vehicle at your disposal. Furthermore, you have to ensure high maintenance if you do not want to pay additional costs for vehicle damage and taking into consideration that you intend to drive the car during winter, you have to give your maximum attention on the road. According to experts, the most suitable cars for winter include Dacia Duster, Skoda Octavia Scout and Land Rover Discovery Sport.