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Reasons why you should choose an SUV over a Sedan

14 Feb Posted in Cars


If you are taking a look at the automobile market, then you will notice that crossovers seem to dominate it. Many people are seeing them as perfect family cars, and during years, they have managed to display the traditional models. There are many reasons why drivers prefer to invest in this type of car, rather than in a standard one, but there are also people who do not consider them fit for being driven in the city. In Edmunds opinion, the 2017 Toyota RAV4 is a multi-purpose car, because it is very powerful and it offers great safety to the drivers and passengers. If you are interested in finding more details about this type of car, then you should take a look below, because you will find all the information that you need to know.

An SUV is a spacious alternative

Crossovers are generally more spacious than Sedans are. This makes them perfect for large families, or for those in need to handle and transport large cargos. And although the two types of vehicles have fairly similar prices, they offer completely different attributes in terms of space. For instance, Sedans are not very appropriate if you want to go camping, fishing or you need to transport a fishing boat. They are just too small for items so big. On the other hand, if you go for a crossover SUV, you will stack them all in the generous trunk without the smallest issue. This is why large families do prefer buying a crossover to a Sedan. They simply offer more space.

A great driving experience regardless of the weather

Weather is not always sunny and great for driving no matter how bad we want it. Because of this, many avoid riding in a car in certain weather conditions. Snow and rain can raise some problems if you are driving a Sedan. On the other hand, crossovers SUVs do a great job, regardless of weather conditions, type of road and infrastructure. They are sturdy and reliable and pair with proper seasonal tires run smoothly on all types of roads.

A safe and adequate driving position

Because of their height, SUVs are so popular currently. The high seats offer great visibility on the road, more than Sedans can do. Especially for those unsure about traffic conditions and always worrying while driving, crossover SUVs come as a great advantage, offering those particular drivers their peace of mind. Also, if we take into account the fuel efficiency levels offered by SUVs, they make a better option in terms of all crucial attributes.

Off-road capabilities

Maybe this is the main reason why SUVs are so popular nowadays. They can be driven on all types of roads and infrastructures, without the slightest issue. As you may imagine, this does not happen in the case of Sedans, since they are exclusively appropriate for highway rides.

Should you invest in a crossroad SUV instead of a Sedan? Yes, you should! They are safer, more spacious and come with an amazing off-road experience for all their drivers!