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Race car maintenance tips from professionals

16 Apr Posted in Cars


While winning races requires a variety of skills, the vehicle itself matters as well. Plenty of teamwork is also necessary if you want to become one of those race celebrities, but your car has to be cared for appropriately. Regardless of the model, you should look for suitable solutions for this particular case and make sure that you always follow the schedule. While these steps may be daunting, you have to follow those for increased security and keeping your vehicle in perfect shape throughout the seasons.

Clean your race car frequently

Since these cars get in deep dirt frequently, you should make sure that after each race you give them a good cleaning. While many prefer pressure cleaners, this is far from being an ideal solution. At high pressure, water can get in places where your car doesn’t want it: the electrical system, engine and braking system. While the process may be lengthy when using a garden hose and a sponge, this is a far more suitable option for your car. Take your time, but experts advise to never use a pressure cleaner for this purpose. A good maintenance of a car like this begins with the simplest step: cleaning it.

When not using it, take it to a vehicle storage unit

You may be thinking that you already have a garage, why bother taking your racing vehicle to a specialized vehicle storage Carson located unit? Well, because your garage most likely lacks climate control functions, just like it lacks a professional on-site and remote surveillance system. Especially off-season, you should definitely consider taking your car in such a unit. Not only it will be safer than in your garage there, but the special environment that you can create there will help you preserve it better in time. We all know that cars generally love a constant temperature and low humidity. Why not assure it for your beloved car?

Clean the radiator

Checking and cleaning the radiator frequently is one of the most important maintenance tips that you have to take into account. A poorly maintained radiator will shortly turn to be a costly mistake you allowed to occur in the case of your vehicle, so you better avoid it for as long as you can. If you take your car to dirt races, you should do this weekly. Flush it and give it a deep clean. If you can’t handle such projects yourself, better take it somewhere where they can perform such interventions.

Take care of the wheels and tires

These are essential for a speedy and overall perfect driving experience. You have to examine those for cracks and bends, as these may endanger your life. Preferably do this after each race, as unfortunate events might happen.

These are some tips from professionals that you want to make sure that you follow when it comes to your race car. A clean, properly stored vehicle will assure you higher rates of success in your races and will assure you that your vehicle will have a lengthy life.