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Most Common Aftermarket Mods for Cars and Motorcycles

12 Jul Posted in Cars

Whether you drive a car or a motorcycle, you know how great it feels to have your own vehicle and feel like the master of the road. However, there are two types of passionate drivers: the ones that think that their cars are perfect just the way they are, and the ones that like to take matters into their own hands and make a few improvements. The second category consists of the drivers who are speed junkies. If you happen to be one of them, you may already be familiar with the mods that we are about to present. If you belong to the first category, you might want to take notes, because we have a feeling that you would like to try out some of these mods.

Most popular aftermarket mods for cars

  • Cold Air Intake – This is the easiest performance modification that you can do to your car. It takes less than an hour to make it. This procedure allows the engine to breathe better, and get more air in critical situations.
  • Exhaust upgrades – This upgrade will make your car sound more like a dangerous feline, and it will also give you a small performance boost, as it0will enable the car to eliminate the exhaust gases faster. If you combine this with an intake upgrade, you will even see a small fuel economy.
  • Strut Bars – This modification will improve the handling of your car, especially when taking turns. The bars balance the forces that work on one side of a car during a turn, which are now distributed to the other side of the car.

Most popular aftermarket mods for motorcycles

  • Exhaust upgrade – Just like cars, bikes can also benefit from eliminating the combustion gases easier, and the performance upgrade can be even greater in choppers. Many pro drivers choose Akrapovic Exhaust systems as they are the best ones. The great thing about this modification is that you will also be able to shed some weight, which will add to your performance boost. If you can’t afford an Akrapovic Exhaust system, consider at least a slip on exhaust. It will give you a small boost and a nicer sound.
  • Speedohealer – If you have performed some gear upgrades on your bike, the speedometer might no longer display accurate readings. You can fix this with the Speedohealer Calibrator V4, a plugin electronic device that displays the most accurate speed readings can also convert the speed from Km/h to Mph.
  • Levers – This is mostly an esthetic upgrade, but if you do it right, it can also have other benefits. Short levers are more ergonomic than long levers, and all aftermarket levers are of the highest quality, so they are less likely to snap during a crash.